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Top Ten Ways to Get Pregnant Faster!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

There are lots of ways to get pregnant faster, but which ones can you trust, and which ones are unproven? Discover the best ways to get pregnant quickly right here.

Deciding to have a baby is a beautiful moment for you and your partner. After making the decision together, it is only natural that you want to make it happen and get pregnant quickly. Sometimes this adds extra pressure and even anxiety, which can build up if you don’t get pregnant right away.

The good news is there are proven ways to help speed up getting pregnant. Read on to learn how other couples managed to get pregnant fast.

#1 Monitor Your Ovulation

Timing sexual intercourse with ovulation is key to getting pregnant. For women with regular cycles, knowing when you might be ovulating is a bit easier because it Generally occurs two weeks before the next period. However this isn't always the case. Those with irregular periods may find calculating more difficult this is why we highly recommend using OPK'S Ovulation predictor kits to help you discover when you will be ovulating so you have the best chances of "catching" that egg!

#2: Aim for a Healthy Weight

Having a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) can increase the speed of pregnancy. Both overweight women and underweight women can struggle to conceive as fast. Interestingly, if the male is also overweight, studies suggest this can also slow down the time it takes to get pregnant. So, you should both workout more.

#3: And Do… ‘Workout’ More

One way of working out more is by having more sex. It goes without saying but the more unprotected sex you have during ovulation periods will increase the chances of getting pregnant quickly.

#4: Eat Less Fatty Foods

Another scientific study has found that a high-cholesterol diet can increase the time it takes to get pregnant. This means you should be ditching the foods which are high in saturated fats and replace them for healthier meals, including white meat and fish if your diet allows it.

#5: Don’t Overdo It

Some doctors have noticed a correlation between strenuous exercise and prolonger time before getting pregnant. The theory behind this is strenuous exercise such as weightlifting or long-distance running can interfere with your ovulation cycle. You can still exercise while trying to get pregnant but try to avoid a PB during this time.

#6: Be Aware of the Facts

Stressing out because you have not gotten pregnant yet is not uncommon. The additional stress can make it even more difficult to get pregnant. So, one way of tackling this pressure? Armouring yourself with the facts.

Older women’s fertility declines with age, but believe it or not, so does the speed at which they get pregnant. If you are an older lady wanting to get pregnant don’t compare yourself with someone in their early 20s trying to get pregnant. It will only add unwanted pressure…

#7: Kick Your Smoking Habit

There is growing research that smoking causes women to lose eggs quicker, and thus, negatively affects the speed at which you can get pregnant. Women hoping to get pregnant should reduce the amount of nicotine they inhale, ideally stamping it out completely.

Once you do get pregnant, you will have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol completely. So, it won't make too much difference to give up a few weeks or months earlier.

#8: What He Can Do

The jury is still out on this one… but there is some evidence to suggest men who cool their testicles right before sex will increase the chances of conception. This is because it may improve short-term sperm quality.

How you ask? Well, some men have been creative in this department. From standing naked in the garden on a winter night before sex to simply having an ice bath.

#9: Avoid the Myths

You may hear stories or have advice from family members about how to get pregnant. It may be a sexual position or even the common advice about lying on your back after intercourse for some time. Be aware that there is no evidence to suggest sexual positions or the latter will actually work.

Some couples swear by it, but it was probably just coincidence that they got pregnant with these methods.

#10: Seek Professional Help

If you have tried getting pregnant but it is just not happening for you, it may be time to seek out professional help. Doctors will be able to evaluate you and your partner’s fertility to identify an underlying problem.

Although this may be worrying, its a lot more common than you think and sometimes the underlying issue is a simple "fix" and sometimes not but either way your at least on the right path. Its said that the ideal time to seek further help is if you have been trying to get pregnant for over a Year.

Sometimes getting pregnant can take time, but with these tips and tricks, it is possible to help the process along and get pregnant quickly.

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