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8 Powerful Tips For Conceiving Twins That You Need To Know About!

You want to attempt to conceive very soon, however, you really love the idea of having twins. Therefore, you want to know what steps you can take in order to increase your chance of having twins. Your desire to have twins can stem from a variety of reasons. Perhaps you only want two kids but prefer to go through pregnancy just the one time. Or, maybe the idea of having a big family appeals to you so you'd like to quickly attain that goal by having two babies at once.

Whatever the reason you have for wanting to conceive twins, there are a few things you should know about twin pregnancy. The good news is that there are methods that you can utilize that will help you attain your goal. You can only increase your chances of having fraternal twins which are two eggs fertilized at once. Identical twins are when the same fertilized eggs split into two embryos which is a unique thing that happens and cannot be planned. Identical twins are always of the same sex whereas fraternal twins can be brother and sister. However, just beware that if you are carrying multiples, that automatically puts you at the high-risk category.

You can also increase your chances of developing pregnancy-related complications due to the extra hormones and extra weight from a twin pregnancy. Examples of those serious issues can include gestational diabetes considering that it is advisable to gain 40 lbs when you are carrying twins. That is a lot of weight to gain during pregnancy considering that the maximum weight that should be gained with a singleton pregnancy is 35 lbs to keep weight-related complications low. The extra hormones can make you even more fatigued from anemia, and can cause even more pregnancy sickness.

In fact, when it comes to pregnancy sickness, if you are carrying twins, the odds are higher that you could develop hyperemesis gravidarum or HG. If you have HG you will likely need to be fed through IVs and given plenty of antiemetics, and it is a dangerous complication. You are also more likely to develop other complications such as pre-eclampsia, and you will have to deliver early no matter what. The latest you can deliver twins safely is at 38 weeks but usually, the delivery happens sooner than that.

I am not telling you this to scare you or to discourage you from getting pregnant with twins. You need to be aware of what you could potentially face if you were to get pregnant with twins. However, if you take very good care of yourself during your pregnancy and listen to the doctor's orders, then the odds of a problem happening are lower. You will also want to keep in mind that the odds are higher of conceiving twins if:

You come from a family that has a history of fraternal twins. If you are a twin or have older or younger siblings that are twins, or if your mother is a twin, or if your paternal grandmother is or was a twin - then the odds are higher right then and there. This means you could have the gene that causes hyperovulation which means you will release more than one egg during your cycles.

You are of African-American heritage. Women who are African-American are more likely to have twin pregnancies and the reason for that is unknown. However, hyperovulation is known to happen more often.

You are tall. If you are short, the odds are against you that you would naturally have a twin pregnancy. It is the same concept as to why larger dog breeds are known to have larger litters than smaller dog breeds.

You already have been pregnant. If you have at least one other child, you have a greater chance of conceiving twins during your subsequent pregnancies.

You are going through IVF or fertility help. Fertility drugs can cause hyperovulation and you may even end up with triplets in rarer cases if you are undergoing IVF.

You are over 35. The older you are the greater the likelihood is that you will release more than one egg in your cycles. The closer you are to the end of your fertility life, the more eggs you will release at once.

However, if none of these factors apply to you, don't lose hope. You can still utilize techniques such as eating certain foods that can stimulate hyperovulation. Let's look at some of the tips and tricks you can utilize to increase having twins.

1. Eat More Yams Or Sweet Potatoes

If you want to have twins, then if you eat more yams or sweet potatoes that can help increase your chances of hyperovulation. Yams or sweet potatoes have properties to help your hormones to work overdrive which means you can end up releasing several eggs in a cycle. Here is a hint for enjoying a delicious side of yams each night. Go and bake a sweet potato in the oven, and when it is done, put a tiny bit of butter on it and a pinch of brown sugar. It is delicious.

2. Get Him To Eat Plenty Of Oysters

While you load yourself up with yams, get your other half to eat plenty of oysters. If he doesn't like oysters, then offer him other zinc-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, whole-wheat bread, or cereal made of wheat-germ. Zinc increases the sperm count and improves the mobility and quality drastically so if his swimmers can reach several of your eggs you release- that increases the chances of twins!

3. Enjoy Tapioca Pudding or Bubble Tea

Studies have found that tapioca can help women release more than one egg during ovulation. If you are near a bubble tea cafe, then go order your favorite bubble tea beverage and even make it a daily habit. Or you can always buy some tapioca pudding from the supermarket to do that.

4. Take Maca Root Supplements

Maca root helps set your hormones into overdrive and therefore, it can help increase the chances of you having twins. You can eat maca root raw if you don't mind the taste but it is still recommended to take a supplement so you take the recommended amount each day.

5. Have Plenty Of Pineapple Slices For Snacks

Pineapple is a superfood that can help with ovulation as it contains bromelain, which is a protein that helps to boost fertility in natural ways. The more pineapple slices you eat, the more bromelain you are consuming which increases the chances of hyperovulation. It also helps increase the chances of implantation.

6. Take Plenty Of Folic Acid

You already know that it is essential to take folic acid supplements before you conceive and during your pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus. If you take the double of the given dose of folic acid, it can assist with hyperovulation. But you can eat folate-rich foods such as leafy greens, dairy, and whole-grain foods.

7. Don't Lose Weight Unless You Are Obese

If you are overweight, perfect! This means you want to have a BMI of somewhere between 25 to 30. However, you don't want to be obese as that will increase the chances of complications of pregnancy, especially a twin pregnancy. Studies have found that overweight women can release more eggs but again, be aware of the pregnancy complications you can experience with a twin pregnancy. And stick to eating fertility-friendly foods only.

8. Start Trying To Conceive Right After Going Off The Pill

As soon as you go off of the pill, start your TTC journey right away. You may release a few eggs because your body is readjusting from the withdrawal of the hormones given to you by the pill. The worst that can happen is that a pregnancy won't be achieved this way.

Now that you know what to do in order to increase your chances of twins, go for it! Good luck! And take good care of yourself if you are successful with a twin pregnancy. You need it!

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